George Giannikopoulos
Industrial Designer
Member since: 22.03.2023
Over 20 years of experience in industrial design and product development, mostly on B2B products.
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Tablet taximeter
Client: SEMITRON / Atak tablet taximeter is an automotive-embedded android computer for taxi fleets with 4G and WiFi connectivity. The device is securely attached to and detached from the dashboard, through a base with an integrated cable-to-pins connector. Read more
Electric vehicles charger
Client: MC CHARGERS / Orion charger is an electric vehicle charging unit for professional use. It consists of a sleek-contour steel housing for the device, that can be either wall-mounted or self-standing when combined with a steel column. Glass silk-printed facade combined with touch buttons for the charging operations, adds a hi-tech look to the robust unit. Read more
Exit Sign Light Signage
Client: EATON – COOPER SAFETY / FlexiTech exit sign is an illuminated exit sign product for emergency purposes, that can be mounted on walls as well as on ceilings, providing double-side visibility. In the wall version, the frame is visually protruded for the electronics housing, adding “form lightness” to the device. Transparent front cover is attached to the top of the ... Read more
Elevator Control Panels
Client: METRON ELEVATORS / A family of control panels with a high-tech style, which enhances the design identity of the already successful new elevator doors and cabins, designed three years before. Door Control Panel with a single or double-button interchangeable façade part can be easily mounted on a wall or door casing. Cabin Control Panel is modular and consists of sin... Read more
Ice cream Vitrine Freezer
Client: CRYSTAL FREEZERS / Optimus vitrine is a premium market ice cream point-of-sale, addressed for confectionery producers and distributors. Because of its simple and durable construction, it can be adequately transported and maintained. Its exclusive style is characterized by a large silkscreen printed glazing which gives a luxury look to the product. In the facade, a... Read more