Ashwin Madassery
Co-Creator, Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios/Freelance
Member since: 17.09.2020
After graduating Bachelors in Industrial Design from Indo-French design School DSK ISD Rubika in Pune, India, I had the opportunity to Intern with Samsung in Delhi, India. Later on, after graduating in art direction from Miami ad school, Berlin, I did internships in Ogilvy and Mather in New York, AKQA in Tokyo and DDB in Berlin where I had the opportunity to work with international clients like Nike, Evian, Korean airlines, Lacoste, Volkswagen, Haribo, Yves Saint Laurent and others. Served 6 months at Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios, Denmark working on luxury Scandinavian watch project along with others in Corporate Identity, UX/UI, and pitch deck for various clients along with Chief designer Timothy Jensen. Currently still serving as a co-creator for TJJS, and freelancing in Berlin, Germany, 2021.
References (4)
Koenigsegg Agera R x Jordan
Luxury Sneaker Design - The idea behind this project was to blend in the characters of Sweden's Koenigsegg's hyper beast - Agera R with a pair of Jordans. Carbon fibre details, breathable mesh from recycling plastic, functional Jordan ascends, other reinforcements, and headlamp inspired pattern grip instead of herringbone on the sole all adds to the 'glamour' of this luxury-sports breed footwear... Read more
Kipsta Flash
Kipsta Flash is an outcome of a masterclass held in my 3rd year by Decathlon, France, which also won , best aesthetics/rendering award in the college. The objective was to design a sneaker that can be swiftly Worn/removed. Read more
Alessi Cora
Table Organiser concept for Alessi (Italy) inspired by Corals, and the blues of the ocean, an ode to sustainability through form. The mould is recycled plastic sourced from oceans. The speakers are inspired by bubbles symbolising the 'breathing' of sea life in the ocean. The product's function is both to serve as an organiser and a powerful, yet beautiful reminder to oneself to live an eco-respon... Read more
Black Panther Concept
Black Panther Concept Problem - Immense pollution levels in Urban metropolitan cities, like Beijing. Thousands of traffic police spending hours in such an environment causing long term health problems. Black Panther is an electric-powered dicycle, that filters harmful air particle up to 10x more efficient than an N95 mask. The air is also cooled, which keeps the officer refreshed and sharp for l... Read more