Chamaikarn Pai Chartsiri
Textile Product designer focuses on sustainability and circularity
Member since: 07.09.2021
My main focus has been designing for circularity and sustainability to create better designs for the future. I am experienced in designing textile prints, lifestyle collections, home textiles and soft hotel decorations. My work responsibilities also included production sample supervision, problem-solving and participating in sourcing trips within Thailand, India and Hong Kong. I also have interior product design experience from an internship at Front Design AB, Stockholm, Sweden. I apply those experiences in my independent work developing my lifestyle textile brand, AIKA Atelier, in Stockholm. My educational background includes a Master's degree in Textile Design from Konstfack, Sweden, and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from KMUTT Thailand and an exchange semester at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, FHNW, Switzerland, with additional study in Circular Economy: Managing Materials Sustainably at Lund University, Sweden.
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Do you believe in what you SEE?
The SEE collection was inspired by everyday surrounding illusions and optical art. The inspiration was interpreted into black and white lines and anaglyph sketches. Prints from the SEE collection offer a surreal vision to urge people to look back and question their visual perception. When viewed through 3D glasses, the anaglyph prints provide yet another appearance in the collection. The concep... Read more
EYES collection
Fine drawings from 18th-century French encyclopedia are the inspiration of the Eyes collection. These two-dimensional hand drawings play with your eyes and appear to be three-dimensional images of marble working and the beekeeping process. In the EYES collection, these images were interpreted from the original drawings into simplified embroidery patterns on linen. Marble Flower, Marble Tiles and... Read more
Crosswalks, a collaboration project with 99BAGS
The crosswalk and pedestrian movement inspire the flow pattern.The design highlight the aspect of traffic safety through the pattern on a functional reflective bag by integrating crosswalks into textile pattern design. A new reinterpretation of the crosswalks come in flowy hand-drawn rectangular silhouettes and simplified outline. The flowy crosswalks arranged to form a three-dimensional illusio... Read more
Marble Flower - Hand printed scarf
The scarf pattern offers a constructive illusion appearance, inspired by marble tile designs from an 18th-century French encyclopaedia and Asanoha, a Japanese hemp leaf pattern. Silky soft touch scarf made of cotton satin. Hand sewn and printed in Japan. Read more
MARINE LIFE : Sea Turtles, Plastic bag and Jellyfish, a collaboration project with 99BAGS
- Duo design canvas bags :: Prints design - Marine Life concept aims to bring attention to the harm of human plastic consumption behaviour to marine lives. The designs subtly tells a narrative about Sea Turtles, Plastic bag and Jellyfish through the patterns. Jellyfish is one of sea turtle food, but they couldn’t differentiate plastic bag from jellyfish. The sea turtle life was taken by m... Read more
A Rug design for Gudrun & Gudrun, in collaboration with Designers Trust. javnvág rug has a unique tactility and warmth. Made from durable Faroese wool in natural shades. The pattern interprets the classic Herringbone pattern as ‘Misshape Herringbone’. The project began with the idea of using Faroese wool for interior decoration and ending the yearly burning of unsalable Faroese wool. Simil... Read more