Christophe Walch
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Member since: 21.09.2020
With a multifaceted background in marketing, product concepts, product development and design, I have the skills to transpose this know-how since many decades. Working together with market realities, I have the ability to move complicated problems into simple, understandable and realistic solutions. I have been working for watch brands, sound company, toy maker furniture systems, give away, corporate product and package lines and many more.Innovations are based on dissatisfaction. Where is the real problem? When making a corkscrew; on what shall we focus? The cork? The screw? Isn't the real problem how to get the wine out? For sure you have any ideas now! ... How to conclude? Once a scientist had a flea and asked her to jump; she jumped. He cut her legs off and asked her once again to jump but she doesn’t. He concludes; when you cut the legs of a flea she becomes deaf. Entrust a professional with this matter, he will save you a lot of money!