Ioanna Adamopoulou
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Member since: 01.08.2022
I am Ioanna Adamopoulou. I am Greek and I graduated from University of the Aegean, Department of Product and System Design Engineering. Before my graduation, I worked for 1 and a half year as a design assistant for an architectural office in Greece, called OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS. And now, after my graduation, I am working at Designers Trust and Timothy Jacob Jensen Studio, Denmark.
References (4)
Beach sunshade for Mediterranean environments - University Thesis
This project is a sunshade created for Mediterranean beaches, during summer months. It creates enough shade for covering 1 or 2 people. Its shading surface was inspired from the waved in hand fan. It is designed in a way that the surface can also rotate almost 270° for following the movement of the sun during the day. The design was kept simple so that it doesn't stand out much in the beach enviro... Read more
Conference table for meeting rooms - University project
This project is a conference table of 8 and 16 people respectively, for people working in high-end companies, which are based on aesthetics. The product will be used for collaborative work, meetings, presentations and teleconferences. It will also be able to integrate power cables. Team project Read more
Interior garden for people with autism - University project
This project is an integrated home planting system. It will be used by people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, in the living room of their home. The plants that will be grown in the system, will be resistant in time to avoid confusion on the user. Its aim is a creative day-to-day work and serenity. Its purpose is the user to monitor the life cycle of plants and take care of them on a daily basis.... Read more
Water bottle with a reminder - University project
This project is about a hydration system for workers who forget to drink water. The product will receive, enclose, transport, dispense and maintain drinking water. Its purpose is to be used in workplaces by people who drink water from consumable products. The product will have a capacity of up to 750ml and will not have consumables and electrical parts. Team project Read more