Kaveri Popat
Industrial and Product Designer
Member since: 20.07.2021
Hi! This is Kaveri, an industrial and product designer. I focus on making empathetic products. I am flexible, nimble and dynamic in practice of identifying the problem, researching, analyzing, generating solutions and prototypes, user testing and outcome evaluation. Having worked for clientele projects companies like Home Centre, Dubai; Decathlon, France, working with renowned design studios such as Quolt Enterprises and Timothy Jacob Jensen thereafter and having done a number of freelance projects for mass manufacturers in the past few years of experience, I developed myself as a whole and sole Industrial Designer with a package of valuable skill sets. A perspicacious leader, driven by balanced decision making, I see life as an opportunity of self expression. Having a polyvalent and versatile nature helps me adapt quickly to new design processes and interdisciplinary mindsets and always makes me curious for creative outlooks in the design world.
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Swift X
Outdoor and Indoor Gameplay. Free table tennis in small size. With the same proportion as the original, this gives the user a much more relaxed play time with a leisure and relaxing experience. Small table, comes in Free Table Tennis, which means playing as a leisure activity and not as a sport. Measuring 140*73*75cm, this is the one usually purchased by families in the European market. Used in ... Read more
Camping - Sleeping Bag Made from honeycomb cardboard, this gives a reliable solution to camping needs by being a low-cost and multi-surface alternative. It is very easy to maintain as it does not damage easily. Honeycomb cardboard is: -Weightbearing -Light weight -Flexible in nature -Impact absorbent -Insulator of heat Read more
Col - Chair
Dining Chair - Uni-back Design Inspiration was created according to the client’s interest. Accordingly, a uni-back design was selected from his chosen style. The idea was taken forward for prototyping. The chair was prototyped using pure teak wood with the foam cushion covered with a green fabric. Each ridge was individually crafted and joined to the skeleton, which was further attached to the f... Read more
Interactive Bedroom Lighting The lighting family caters to different age groups of the premium segment of consumers, satisfying all their ambient lighting interests. Variants were created in terms of Vintage, Modern, Shadowplay and Geometric lighting, catering to front light and wall light. Starting with the front light when closed, the modules can be opened up to 90 degrees to have an ambient w... Read more
Desk Accessory Idea is to create a desk accessory made out of silicone, emphasizing the material properties and manufacturing. A pen stand cum plant holder were made wherein when the model is closed in its double layered form, it's only a plant holder and when opened up vertically, it adds up as a pen stand too The prototyping started by making a scaled model by testing the usage of the concept. ... Read more